Welcome to CounterMoves!

Countermoves is a multifaceted project that seeks to bring together game developers and game players to interact and share in both the creating and playing of games.

Our energy typically goes into the following projects: Our main web page is http://countermoves.blogspot.com, and we do most of our communication through the countermoves-general mailing list, which you can subscribe to (or read in archived format) here.

Countermoves' "flagship" line of games is based on what we call CGME: the CounterMoves Generic Microgame Engine. It can be found, along with several complete wargames based on CGME, right here.

Work is underway to develop electronic interfaces for playing CGME-based games. What we have to offer at the moment is a fairly unique text-based interface for boardgaming called the Teeny Weeny Microgame Engine.

Most of the CounterMoves games are also playable using your favourite electronic interface, such as V_MAP, Cyberboard, Thoth or QUB. Here's a screenshot showing several CGME games in play as rendered by QUB 0.7.1 (achtung: large image, 350k).
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