CGME: CounterMoves Generic Microgame Engine

An "engine" for writing microgame-style wargames.

CGME is a braindeadedly-simple, two-page set of rules for quickly designing microgame-style wargames. It is used extensively by the CounterMoves group, and provides a common basis off of which such games can easily be created.

It is distributed in several text formats, all available right here. This bundle includes CGME's Common Optional Rules Supplement (CORS), a collection of common optional/house rules.

The complete set may be modified and redistributed however you see fit. The only copying restrictions which might apply are the graphics for specific games: those are often copyrighted works with limited distribution rights.

General Requirements: While not strictly required, the following are recommended:
We have several complete, ready-to-play games based upon the CGME system, all of which are available for download and freely redistributable: Coming someday (maybe)... And some "perpetually under-development", planned future releases include: