Teeny Weeny Microgame Engine

A generic front-end for playing board-style games

Teeny represents a new idea in electronic boardgaming: The Teeny LRFC (Lesser RFC), conceived and drafted in February 2005, dictates the basic functionality required by "compliant/compatible" game engines, with a strong emphasis on portability across even the most basic of programming environments. The conventions defined by the LRFC are intended to be taken by programmers and implemented in their environment of choice. Compliant implementations would, in principal, be compatible with each other. The implementation distributed here is written in C++, and supports all features required by the LRFC, plus lots of extensions (like a plugin which allows users to program quasi-random movement paths for arbitrary Actors, which is useful for solitaire play).

The software requirements are listed in detail in the software manual, but here is an overview: Much more info is in the software manual.

Download: from the Sourceforge download site.

Despite its primitive appearance, teeny is deceptively powerful and is easy to manipulate via scripts or extend via writing C++ plugins. Rather than go into lots of detail here, we will refer you to the software manual, which describes what teeny does, how to instll and use it, etc.